And the- there's times, uh, when the music, and the speech [are] basically incomprehensible. You're not attached to anything, everything is pleasantly rootless. This is. Okay. Good morning, good evening, it's hard to tell in the swamp. (Good morning and good evening.) Yeah, it's time to wake up. Fog has set in. Moon has risen. All those things that you've heard about. Phrases. The moon has risen, from the past. I'm Phrases, and by now, you know where I live and what it's like. (Probably.) Now, you've been provided with more than enough material. It's not relaxing. It's not relaxing to be in the swamp. It's like- the dull confusion burdens, troubles. Woah, sometimes you lose yourself to one of those voices. You slow down a bit, and you curl up like that, there. And then there's days, you know, where uh.. all you really do is get up and make yourself a breakfast, and think about the things you have to do, and wander. Things like that, sending out packages. Packages, that are piled up in the corner. One time, I made a list of lists I had to make.

Dumb Echo, Phrases Himself from The Psychedelic Swamp (2001), Dr. Dog


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