Across our great land, around the world and even into the far reaches of the known universe, there's a change going on. Look around. It's happening in your home town. Your place of worship. Within even the confines of your own internal organs. From the synaptic neural transmitters that light up our imaginations, to the muscles and nerves that expel our bowels. Now, more than ever, people are searching for something. For anything. For everything. They want excitement, and adventure, that will make them forget their hum drum existence performing the menial tasks that barely keep our society from devolving into utter chaos and horror. From all corners of the globe, this message is clear. a scam...for losers. That's why there is a place where you can go where everything is pleasantly rootless. A place that is old and new. A place that is me and you. Simply put, it's the best The Best could ever be. The Psychedelic Swamp. Drift down caustic river rapids and bask in fields of dry rot, the native plant of the swamp. While you doze off to sleep... the sound of mating battle toads. I know what you're thinking. Dont worry, they're friendly. But dont sleep too long, because in the swamp, day is night and night is day. Awaken to a hot iced mug of freshly curdled dragon fly milk, and set out exploring. I'll take mine with extra dry rot flakes. You'll find surprises around every corner of the Psychedelic Swamp, as the rusted fog atmosphere provides little visibility. Wherever you go you're sure to find an interesting ditch to dig or dry rot patch to harvest. And with so much to do, it's literally impossible to make any decision, at all, in the Psychedelic Swamp. Wherever you do happen to roam, keep in mind that you'll have to travel to get there... and that, in the Psychedelic Swamp, distances can be deceptive or non existent. So join the throngs, the few, the privileged beggars clamoring for a bit of endless quiet, and excitement too. In a place that makes it all real, and all a dream.

Photo by Nina Westervelt

Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

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Favourite artists: Dr. Dog, Caddywhompus, Native America, Sharks' Teeth, Sun Hotel, Pavement, Wilco, O.N.C, Buttertones, The Microphones

Favourite games: Fallout (1, 2, 3, NV), Splatoon 3, L.A Noire, Pokémon (DPP, BW[2], XY, SV), Super Smash Bros Melee

I like Super Smash Bros Melee, even though I'm not very good at it. Like any competitive sport, what pulls me in is Melee's rapid-pace challenging gameplay and the seemingly mythic ability top players have to master Melee's sprawl of different mechanics and speed to make for engaging matches. These are the characters I play!

I'm Reliquary (19, they/them, aus). Multidisciplinary designer based in Sydney, Australia. Webmaster of ANCIENTCRYPT, a digital tomb hidden within the bush of Web 2.0-era Internet. I like design, digital geographing, writing non-fiction and fiction prose, coding websites, watching movies / listening to music / reading books and exploring. Dr Dog vs. the world forever. I moved to the Psychedelic Swamp sometime in 2021 and never ever looked back.