MIFFYWORLD. and/or ancientcrypt/Reliquary does not own Miffy or is related / affiliated with Dick Bruna or Mercis bv. This is an unofficial fanpage.

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MIFFYWORLD. is a selected work of ANCIENTCRYPT. It was created the 16th of June, 2024.

MIFFYWORLD. is inspired by laikalaika + Dekopon Mag and itatoys, specifically Laika's focus on the "study of cute" and the sentimentality of physical objects. The food images on the left sidebar are sourced from honeyrolls on tumblr.


MIFFYWORLD. is a reliquary for all my Miffy memorabilia, and a love letter to the concept of 'cute'. It aims to document all of the Miffy relics I have. I love Miffy because I identify with her closely and she brings me comfort, and even if I lose my Miffy collection, all of it will live on in this digital trinket box. Like me, Miffy's cute, curious, small, and always dressed nicely! Her little dot eyes and crossed mouth are so simple, but so adorable!! Miffy forever, ok? <3